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Painting of woman wearing woolen hat and sweater wrapped in blanket reading Shakespear in Montauk

Self portrait in Montauk

I am a sum of awes.

I am an Iranian American. I was born in Tehran. I live in Brooklyn.


I dwell in possibility.


I majored in English literature. I have a J.D. and an LL.M. I’ve passed 3 bar exams.


I practiced law only very briefly. 


I wrote and illustrated a short story called The Zig Zag Girl. It may have been somewhat autobiographical! I zigged and zagged a lot until I found the creative path where I belong.


I write. I illustrate. I make collages. I make animated GIFs. I style food. I needlepoint.


I blog about the food and culture of Iran, the country I hail from.


Sometimes passion is eclectic instead of specific, but it all flows from the same stream.


It's all good.


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