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mixed media collage monsters airplane clothing tag
ballerina M & M candy red kitchen timer brown paper Fuck Self Improvement Mixed Media collage  by Azita Houshiar
Mixed media collage canary turkey film negative paint scratch red paint by Azita Houshiar
Leeches are romantic a mixed media and paper collage by Azita Houshiar
poetic poem color collage amazded rose smelling pink mixed media by Azita Houshiar
paint chips paper clipping man mustache stock art vintage mixed media collage heart art red love by Azita Houshiar
Mixed Media collage Abraham Lincoln #2 pencil  President by Azita Houshiar
J.D. Salinger collage portrait illustration with New Yorker magazine article in background For Esme with Love & Squalor a tribute by Azita Houshiar
colorful mixed media collage with poetry and paint by Azita Houshiar
Mixed Media Collage with poetry, paper, paint color shows profile of smokers smoking red green yellow paintby Azita Houshiar

take me hOme



copyright symbol illustration hand drawn
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