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Sippin' Sharbat

I have a Persian food blog where I style, photograph, research (when applicable) and write about the cuisine and culture of Iran.



Published on a semi-weekly basis since April 2012

Wrote the recipe and contributed the photography


Comissioned by Sugar Street Review's Editor



Published online: October 2012 


Salad Shirazi

Fig & Quince | Persian Food Blog

Sippin' Sharbat sekanjabin recipe honey vinegar | Brownbook Magazine - Tehrangeles Issue by Azita Houshiar
The poetry of the Persian kitchen written and photographed by Azita Houshiar
Salad Shirazi Sugar Street Review recipe Persian food writing by Azita Houshiar

Wrote, styled and photographed an article about the history and recipe of a classic Persian beverage.


Commissioned by Brownbook Magazine - online and print publication.


Print Publication: September 2013, Issue #41

Online publication: December 2013.

The Poetry of The Persian Kitchen

Wrote and photographed an article about the poetic culinary traditions and history of the Persian cuisine.


Article commissioned by the editors of Mashallah Magazine.




Published: August 2013

Koofteh kufteh berenji Persian food Iranian food Persian food blog by Fig & Quince

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